Deveining Shrimp - Step-By-Step Instructions

How to Clean and Devein Shrimp

If you are looking for an easy method for deveining shrimp the video below will really help you learn how to do this.

For your convenience, below the video, we have also included written instructions on How To Clean Shrimp and How To Devein Shrimp.

Cooking shrimp can be easy once you know the basics.

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For me, shrimp is one of the fastest, easiest and most delicious foods to make. Once you know the tips on deveining shrimp and all the tips we provide for cooking shrimp you will be a pro shrimp cooker!

Deveining Shrimp Instructions

Start with raw unpeeled shrimp. Only use the amount of shrimp needed for your recipe. (If you happen to be using already peeled but not deveined shrimp, you can skip to #3)

If the shrimp is already thawed, rinse and place in a bowl of ice water while you are working with it. You always want to keep shrimp as cold as possible. It stays firmer and fresher that way.

For frozen shrimp I keep it in a dish in the sink where I am working. I run cold water and work with the frozen shrimp under cold running water. They will begin to thaw as you work with them.

(To thaw ahead of time, place in a dish in the refrigerator or place in an ice bath on counter. This method will take longer. Begin thawing several hours before you will use the shrimp making sure to keep ice bath cold,)

Let's get started deveining!

Ok, ready? These instructions will explain How To Clean Shrimp and How To Devein Shrimp.

1.Take a piece of shrimp, ripe off the head if it is still attached. Next, for the easiest, quickest method, make a small shallow slice down the back of the shrimp (or top of shrimp). The bottom of the shrimp is where the legs are, these may also be attached still but not in all cases.

2.Once you have made your slice, peel away the shell and legs. You can choose to leave the tail on by holding it firmly with one hand and peeling around it being careful not to peel the tail off. (Leaving the tail on is great for shrimp cocktail; it gives it something to hold onto the glass better. It also makes it easier to eat for many recipes because you can pick it up by the tail and eat it. And one last note, leaving the tail on while cooking, I’ve heard, helps the shrimp to retain more flavor)

3.If you had to follow step 1 to remove the shell you will already have a slice along the shrimps back. If you are using already peeled shrimp but need to devein it, start now by making a small slice right down the center of the shrimps back, from the tail to where it’s head would have been. Now, gently pull open this sliced area, you can use the tip of your knife to help pull this open. You should see the black vein inside.

4.Under running water grab the black vein with the tip of your knife and your fingers and pull it out. The running water will help to clean it all away. If a part breaks off in the shrimp, simply finish picking it out.

That’s it! Deveining Shrimp isn't that bad, is it?

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