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Do you love the taste of grilled shrimp? If you do you will love these grilled shrimp recipes. I mean...

...“Who doesn’t enjoy shrimp on the barbie, right?”

Many people want to know How To Grill Shrimp.

Grilling shrimp can be pretty simple. One of the best grilling tips is to select the right size shrimp for the recipe.

For grilled shrimp recipes, my recommendation is to uselarge or extra large shrimp. The larger sized shrimp stay on the grill better. Also, If making grilled shrimp kabobs they hold on the skewer better. You can learn more about this on our Grilled Shrimp Kabobs page here.

Always, always....

Start with Raw Shrimp! You can buy frozen raw shrimp as it thaws very quickly. Or, if you want it thawed already check out your seafood market. Most of the time, what they sell is previously frozen shrimp. It won't matter if you buy previously frozen shrimp. Just don't plan to take it home and re-freeze it.

You want to start with raw shrimp because using pre-cooked shrimp and grilling it will cause dried out, chewy shrimp. This can be bad, very bad!

Grilling raw shrimp only takes a few minutes. For tips on buying shrimp and cleaning it, check out ourHow To Buy Shrimp Page.

A great idea for your grilled shrimp recipe that doesn't call for skewers is... ...use a grilling basket like the Mr Bar B Q deluxe non-stick Grill/Flip Basket.. This one is a wire mesh/metal type basket with holes. It allows the flames to come through and conveniently holds the shrimp inside, preventing them from falling into the grill. (This basket can be a dinner saver!) Each time I use the basket I give it a spray with the PAM cooking spray for grills. Keeps the food from sticking. It says non-stick but I haven't taken the chance to test it yet.

Last you want to keep the grilling temperature at a medium to high heat. This usually works best when you grill shrimp.

And finally...

...the most important thing to remember (no matter how you are cooking it) always watch the amount of time you cook it.

You do not want to over cook shrimp whether it's grilled shrimp or any other type!!

I repeat...You do not want to over cook shrimp!!

Cooking times will vary with the recipe you are using but a general rule is approx. 5 - 7 minutes. Turn your grilled shrimp over after approx. 4 minutes and finish grilling until the shrimp turn pink and white.

That should do it but if you still need more tips I recommend How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques, A Barbecue Bible! Cookbook. are ready to fire up your grills and enjoy some grilled shrimp.

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Before starting your Grilled Shrimp Recipes check out How To Buy Shrimp

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