Grilling Tips For Grilled Shrimp

Here we will tell you the best grilling tips for Grilled Shrimp.

Grilled Shrimp is probably the most popular category of Shrimp Cuisine. You can purchase wonderful grilled shrimp entrée's at Food Establishments around the world. But, when it comes to grilling shrimp at home, many people want to know how to grill shrimp for the best results .

Many expert chefs will tell you the #1 rule for grilling shrimp is to not over cook it. Shrimp cooks very rapidly. Depending on the size shrimp you are grilling, 2 to 3 minutes per side is a normal cooking time. That's it!

If you want to make the best Grilled Shrimp Recipes at home, just follow these easy grilling tips.

1. Purchase Raw Shrimp. You can purchase fresh or frozen shrimp, just make sure it is raw. You are going to be cooking it again on the grill so you do not want shrimp that is already cooked. It will become tough and chewy.

2. Purchase Large or Extra Large Shrimp. Shrimp that is any smaller can fall through the grill or doesn't hold well on skewers if making grilled shrimp kabobs.

3. Rinse frozen or thawed shrimp under cold running water. If shrimp is not deveined, go ahead and devein shrimp now by making a shallow slice along the backside and pulling out the vein gently. Rinse shrimp under water. Check your shrimp recipe (if you are using one) to see if it calls for shelled shrimp or not. If you are not using a recipe or it doesn't specify, you might consider leaving the shell on. Many people grill their shrimp this way. It retains the moisture better while grilling the shrimp. I personally prefer to remove the shell before grilling. I would rather have the grilled flavor on the shrimp itself and not the skin, plus I feel it soaks up the marinade very well if you are marinating your shrimp. You just need to watch your cooking time very carefully.

4. Pat Shrimp Dry

5. If you are going to prepare a marinated grilled shrimp, you can use shrimp that is frozen or thawed. If you followed step 2 above, your shrimp may have thawed slightly during the rinsing, cleaning process. Even if it is not completely thawed you can place it in your marinade. Place shrimp in a shallow bowl, cover with marinade, seal bowl tightly. Allow to marinade for ½ hour hur or longer. If using acidic marinades, anything with lemon or other citrus, you will use a shorter marinating time because the acid will start to cook the shrimp. Non-acidic marinades you can do for several hours.

6. If not marinating shrimp, prepare ingredients according to your favorite shrimp recipe.

7. Spray your grill grate with Pam Grilling Spray to prevent shrimp from sticking (or spray a grill basket if using one of those)

8. Preheat the grill to a medium to medium high heat.

9. Place shrimp, shrimp in grill basket or shrimp kabobs on grill.

10. Flip shrimp after approx. 3 minutes and continue cooking another 3 -5 minutes until all of the shrimps original color is gone.

11. Remove a shrimp from the grill and cool slightly then test (by eating one!) to see if it is done.

12. If it's done remove all the shrimp to a platter and serve with your favorite side dishes.

Now you know the best grilling tips for making your favorite grilled shrimp recipes right at home!

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