Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Grocery Shopping on a Budget - Tips to Help You Save Time and Money By [] Jonathon Trepper

In hard economic times such as these everything is just becoming more and more expensive. Things that were previously not given much thought such as how much you spend at the supermarket now can make or break your budget. If you now find that you are having to shop on a budget then you are not alone. Here are some tips that will make it a bit simpler.

1) Make A Grocery List Beforehand

Making a grocery list before you go to the store is probably the most important thing. If you make a list before hand it will make the trip to the grocery store faster and make it easier to stick to your budget.

2) Avoid Going Down Every Single Aisle To Avoid Temptation

This is a common mistake that many people make. When at the supermarket it is hard not to go up and down every single aisle. The problem with that is that it leads to temptation and possibly buying things that you do not need and most importantly cannot afford

3) Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget will make or break whether or not you overspend. You should know in advance the maximum you can afford to spend at the grocery store. Many people go to the grocery store and pay using a credit card. This is a big mistake. It is very easy to psyche yourself into thinking "Well, it's only $10 dollars more". Yes but it's ten dollars you'll be kicking yourself for spending later because it wasn't in your budget and you cannot afford it. Leave the credit and debit cards at home. Only go to the supermarket with cash. This is a fool proof method and will make it nearly impossible for you to go over budget.

4) Check Out The Weekly Ads

In many cities especially big ones such as cities in the five boroughs of New York, the market papers will be left at your doorsteps every Thursday or Friday. Typically because that is when things go on sale. Most of these will have advertisements of the biggest supermarkets, pharmacies, electronics stores, etc and everything they have on sale for the week. Make it appoint to look through these papers every week and find out what is on sale. For those who do not live in big cities and do not have these market papers delivered to them you do have another option. It's pretty safe to say that every major supermarket in the country now has a website. You can go online and look at the weekly ads on the internet to see what is on sale for that city for that week.

It is definitely possible to shop on a budget. It may seem like a chore at first but once you start implementing the tips above it will start to come naturally. Plus the money you save at the grocery store will definitely make it worth it.

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